2021- 2022 Rates

Membership and Strip/Daily Access Fees:

$35 Annual Membership Fee. Required to participate in any club programs, classes or open fencing.

$15 Daily Strip Fee 

$60 Monthly Strip Fee - Unlimited access to the club for open fencing.

$500 Annual Strip Fee

Private Lessons:

25 minutes:  $55 (discounted to $45 for students in recurring monthly classes)


           Intro to Fencing by Private Lesson     $175 kids / $185 adults    Four 30 minute private lessons    Includes Use of Equipment &             Membership Fee plus one trial class

Beginning Foil or Sabre  $120 month – Drop-In $50         60 Minutes                 Fencers need to Purchase Certain Equipment

Intermed. Foil or Sabre  $175 month – Drop-In $60         90 Minutes                 Fencers need to Purchase Certain Equipment

Adv Intermediate Foil - $260 month                                    180 minutes.              Meets on Wednesdays and Saturdays 

Girl's Beg Fencing - $170 per month - Drop in $50            90 Minutes                 Fencers need to Purchase Certain Equipment 

Adult Fencing Class         $175 month - Drop-In $60         90 minutes                  Fencers need to Purchase Certain Equipment

For all classes fencers are required to purchase a mask, weapon, and glove (cost is about $150 - $200) - knickers strongly recommended to protect the groin area.  Equipment is generally in stock and will be sized for you.  We use Absolute Fencing and charge the same price as that vending plus a small fee to cover shipping

Competitive Programs:          Must be on recurring charge. Lessons discounted to $45. Includes Open Fencing & House Cups

           Girls Adv Class.                $250 per month                         180 minutes meets Tuesdays and Thursdays

Pre-Elite Foil                     $250 per month                         180 minutes meets Mondays and Fridays - Full equipment required

Comp Intermediate        $275 per month.           4 1/2 hours - meets Wednesdays and Bouting on Saturday - Full equipment required

Elite B                                $260 - $310 per month              4 hours - supplement to pre elite or elite - Mon and Thur (+/- Sat bouting) 

Elite Foil                            $360 per month                          10 1/2 hours total, Tues, Wed, Fri, Sat - Required to buy full equipment

Pre-Elite Sabre                 $310 per month                          120 Minutes Tue, Thu, Sat

Elite Sabre                        $335 per month                          120 Minutes Tue, Wed, Thu

Drop-In                             $75, $85 depending on class

**Tournament Fees -  Coach Travel Expenses are split evenly across RFC competitors per event.

Events, Birthdays & Groups:

Group Intro to Fencing  $260 – 90 minutes of instruction plus 30 additional minutes of facility use for up to 10 people, Includes Equipment.

Contact us to discuss custom events.