2020 - 2021 Rates

Membership and Strip/Daily Access Fees:

$35 Annual Membership Fee. Required to participate in any club programs, classes or open fencing.

$15 Daily Strip Fee 

$60 Monthly Strip Fee - Unlimited access to the club for open fencing.

$500 Annual Strip Fee


Intro to Fencing by Private Lesson     $170 kids / $180 adults    Four 30 minute private lessons    Includes Equipment & Membership Fee

Beginning Foil or Sabre  $110 month – Drop-In $40         60 Minutes                 Fencers need to Purchase Certain Equipment

Intermed. Foil or Sabre  $160 month – Drop-In $50         90 Minutes                 Fencers need to Purchase Certain Equipment

Girl's Fencing                    $150                                               90 Minutes                 Fencers need to Purchase Certain Equipment 

Sabre Lab                         $47 per session                            60 Minutes                   Includes Open Fencing

Adult Fencing Class         $160 month - Drop-In $50         90 minutes                  Fencers need to Purchase Certain Equipment

Competitive Programs:          Must be on recurring charge. Lessons discounted $10. Includes Open Fencing & House Cups

           Girls Advanced Class.     $210 per month                         180 minutes meets Tuesday and Saturdays

Pre-Elite Foil                     $300 per month                          5 hours total, Mon, Thu, Fri

Elite Foil                            $350 per month                          12 hours total, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur, Sat

Pre-Elite Sabre                 $275 per month                          120 Minutes Tue, Thu, Sat

Elite Sabre                        $275 per month                          120 Minutes Tue, Wed, Thu

Drop-In                             $60

Tournament Coaching Travel Expenses are split evenly across RFC competitors per event.

Events, Birthdays & Groups:

Group Intro to Fencing  $250 – 90 minutes of instruction plus 30 additional minutes of facility use for up to 10 people, Includes Equipment.

Contact us to discuss custom events.



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