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Why Fencing?

Fencing is a competitive battle between two competitors largely based on striking the opponent with a blunt weapon while simultaneously avoiding being hit. Fencing is a modern Olympic sport and despite having historical roots in swordsmanship there are no sharp swords - fencing is one of the safest sports.  Success or failure in fencing depends on overcoming the opponent both physically and mentally.  Nationwide, the U.S. Fencing Association has seen over a 100% percent increase in membership in the last decade. This rise in popularity is in large part because of the amazing melding in fencing between mind and body to overcome the opponent.  


Fencers learn good sportsmanship, self-discipline, develop quick reflexes and insight in how to compete independently. They gain a sense of accomplishment when winning and learn to profit from their defeats. They learn to make complex decisions, analyze patterns in their opponent , and apply their own strategies for success. These ideals help children reach their potential in many areas other than fencing.




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Try Fencing

Fun Introduction to Fencing Video Starring Coach Todd Dressell


How Do I Start Fencing?

Renaissance fencing club offers the opportunity to start fencing for almost any age group or fitness level. We offer intro lessons for youth and adults, and have classes for ages 5 -99.  We offer competitive and recreational fencing programs. Customized private lessons can be scheduled for any age group.


All fencers, both adults and youth, start with our Introduction to Fencing package - this is our program of four private lessons with our instructors.  The lessons are approximately 30 minutes each and use of all needed equipment is included.  The introductory package includes the four one on one private lessons and also a trial group class.  At the end of the package the coaches will recommend which group classes are right for the student and can help get the basic equipment needed for group classes.


Contact us to set up your first lesson at or text our Manager at  248 515 0973. Please let us know which days and times would work best or give us a brief description of what you are looking for and we will contact you with our suggestions for the ideal program to fit your needs. 

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Company Outings

Renaissance Fencing Club can host your next company outing. It is a great way to introduce a group of friends or colleagues to a new sport and have fun. We provide basic instruction, equipment is included and you'll have use of our kitchen and multi-purpose court. See our RATES page or contact us for a custom event quote.

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Offsite Classes & School Enrichment

Renaissance Fencing Club provides offsite fencing instruction at several local middle and elementary schools. We can design programs of any length for enrichment or competition.


Equipment is included and transported by our coaches who are all professional USFA member with background checks and SportSafe certified. We are fully insured.


Please contact us for specific requirements and pricing.

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What to expect as a Fencing parent

Fencing requires persistence and fortitude - the stance may not feel natural for your child and losing in an individual sport can be more upsetting.  Starting your child out in a new sport with a set of rules and progression will feel unfamiliar.  The great news is that fencing is 'niche sport'  - a smaller sport popular among a passionate community - most people involved in fencing are very friendly and welcoming to newcomers and will be happy to share their knowledge and encourage your child.  These two documents will help jump start your understanding of what to expect as your child grows and develops in the sport and starts to fence competitively is they want.


RFC Parent Guide and Glossary

Eight General Rules of Tournament Parenting

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