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Introduction to Fencing for Youth and Adults

Renaissance Fencing Club is the strongest youth fencing program in our country in the Olympic sport of fencing.  Our main advantage is our coaches who are great with kids and who are all professionally trained with national and international competitive fencing experience.  Our Introduction to Fencing class consists of four private lessons – your child will be holding the weapon and hitting the instructor on the very first day.  We start our students with private lessons - the best way to teach footwork and blade work which are the essentials.   We want our students to know how to defend themselves before they are put in a situation where an opponent is trying to hit them.  We want students to learn proper technique without the pressure of the opponent.   

Are you an adult who wants to start fencing?  We have active classes for adults with no experience as well.  We start all adults with the introductory package of private lessons and have beginning adult classes to join.


Introduction to Fencing consists of four private lessons with use of our equipment.  The lessons are 25 – 30 minutes in length and are flexible in scheduling.  The cost is $190 ($185 for youth) and includes our annual registration fee as well as use of our equipment which is sanitized before use by students. Please let us know the best days and times and we will try to accommodate.  There are multiple lessons slots open every day. 


Students should dress in sweatpants or shorts and sneakers.  Please NO JEANS, KHAKIS, SANDALS, OR CROCS.  At the conclusion of this class fencers can enter our beginning or intermediate programs depending on age. However, we strongly recommend that all students continue private lessons especially if they wish to compete.   


We have adapted new cleaning protocols and safety policies due to the current pandemic. Hanitizing wipes and hand sanitizers are available throughout our facility. 


Please call or text Ann to schedule you or your child’s first lesson - 248-515-0973.  We are required to take your payment at the time of booking the first lesson.  We accept visa or mastercard.  Please note that once lessons are scheduled, we require at least 24 hour notice for any changes or cancellations.   

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