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Congratulations to Luao Yang, Inga Cho and Adeline Senic!


Luao Yang Y-14 Mens Foil National Champion


Inga Cho Vet 40 Women's Foil National Champion


Adeline Senic Y14 Women's Foil National Champion

Renaissance Fencers win three national titles in Minneapolis

Adeline Senic won the Gold medal and became the National Champion in Minneapolis at the USA Fencing National Championships in Y14 women’s foil. Senic went into the event as the number 5 ranked fencer in the country and was unblemished in the first round, only receiving five hits. She defeated four of the top 8 fencers in direct elimination matches, all four of whom had defeated her earlier in the season. She then faced Sara Amr Hossny from South Brooklyn Fencers Club in the Gold Medal match who she best 15 - 9 to win the National Title in a field of 171 participants.

Luao Yang won the Gold Medal and thereby the National Championships in Minneapolis at the 2022 USA Fencing National Championships. Yang entered the event as the top seeded fencer in the United States and was undefeated all day, including all 6 bouts in the pool round and seven straight direct elimination matches in a field of 264 fencers. He faced Cristiano Coelho from M Team Fencing club in the final match who he bested by a score of 13 - 8 to finish the season as the number 1 ranked Y14 men’s foil fencer.

Inga Cho won the Gold Medal and the National Title in the USA Fencing national championships in Minneapolis in the Vet 40 Women’s Foil event. Cho was the number one seed going into the event. She won the Silver medal in the same event in 2021.  Cho only was hit twice in the first round of pools and faced the second nationally ranked Vet 40 fencer De La Foscade-Condon from Moe Fencing Club in the gold medal match who she defeated 10 - 3.

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